The Cadet Advisory Council recommends solutions and identifies opportunities to improve the Cadet Program. From the squadron to the national level, Cadet Advisory Councils thrive on communication within the Cadet Community. Ultimately, we advise the National Commander, representing the Cadet Community and working with the Cadet Team and Volunteer Staff to generating effective solutions.

We ask you to get involved in the CAC process of improving the Cadet Program! Learn about how the Cadet Advisory Council works. Follow us on Facebook. Most importantly, contact your representative and let us know what you think!

The North Central Region Cadet Advisory Council members are:
 Chair:  C/Lt Col Joshua Klosterman
 Vice Chair:  C/Capt Donald Leonhardt
 Iowa Wing  Cadet Madison Smith
 Kansas Wing  Cadet Megan Laubhan
 Minnesota Wing  Cadet Alex Dvorak
 Missouri Wing  Cadet Patrick Lucitt
 Nebraska Wing  Cadet Hannah Compton
 North Dakota Wing  Cadet Anika Bohmer
 South Dakota Wing  Cadet Jaden Petersen