North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy

3-5 November 2017

Camp Ripley, MN

Description: The mission of the Cadet Honor Academy program is to prepare cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. By training cadets on the finer points of Air Force-style drill and ceremonies, the Cadet Honor Academy imparts timeless values of patriotism, community service, ethical leadership, and personal honor.
We also train these individuals to share with their own squadron, giving them the quality instruction needed to help create their squadron’s Color Guard and Honor Guard program. Seniors are welcome to attend as well!
Cadets will be enrolled in the NCR CHA program for the length of the activity.

Family and friends of the cadets are invited to the graduation ceremony for the 2017 Cadet Honor Academy.

Join us in celebrating the cadets’ hard work during the Cadet Honor Academy!

Graduation details

Date: Sunday, 5 November at 0930

Location: Building 10-145, Camp Ripley, MN

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