North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy

The NCR Cadet Honor Academy will be held Friday–Sunday, 19-21 October 2018.


Location:     SD Army National Guard Regional Training Institute – map and directions can be found on Eventbrite Site – North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy.
Attendees:  All cadets and seniors within CAP.
Requirements:  All cadets with the grade of C/Amn or higher are eligible to participate.   Competency (proficiency) in drill is a must (i.e.,  facings, flanks, columns, etc).  Cadet airmen and NCO with few than two years CAP service are the primary audience.  Completion of an encampment is NOT a pre-requisite.  Seniors may attend as students as slots allow for Registration from 1000 – 1200 on Friday, 19 October 2018 – wear civilian clothes this day – Remaining day’s uniform will be BDU or ABU for cadets –bring class B AF uniform with tie/tie tab for graduation.
Seniors may register wear civilian clothing on Friday but wear any of the CAP uniforms including blues, corporate uniform or the blue polo and gray slacks the remainder of the weekend.  Flight suits not authorized.
Cadet Instructors are needed.  Also 3 cadets for PAO, 1-2 cadets for logistics and admin officer. If applying for one of these positions or as cadet color guard instructors, please send a brief resume of your qualifications for position you are applying for to Lt Col Linda Buechler, Director at
PT UNIFORM:  All cadets (staff and students) will sleep in PT uniform, in case of an urgent requirement to vacate the building, such as a fire drill.
Cost:      Registration and payment will be per EVENTBRITE – listed as North Central Region Cadet Honor Academy.  Cost will be $37.79 ($35.00 + $2.79 per Eventbrite) per cadet and senior member.
Refunds:     Contact Lt Col Linda Buechler, NCR CHA Director,,  not later than 30 September 2018 if refund is needed.  No refunds after this date as food arrangements and supplies will have already been purchased.
Requirements for Cadet and Senior Staff:
Must be a valid CAP member
Must have completed Introduction to CAP Safety
Must have completed Basic and Intermediate ORM
Seniors must have completed level 1, including CPPT
Cadets 18 years of age or older, must have completed CPPT
If you have questions please contact Lt Col Linda Buechler at