The learning environment at Flight Academy is specially designed for cadets! The low instructor to student ratio provides opportunities for mentoring and individual attention.

Participants in powered flight academies receive up to 10 hours of “hands on” flight time learning the basics of flying a Cessna 172, with  25 hours of ground instruction, and the opportunity to fly as an observe, to shorten the learning curve  when other cadets receive instruction.

We recommend you have a FAA Type 3 Medical Certificate completed prior to attending a powered flight academy.

How do I find a doctor to get a Student pilot certificate?

Please follow the following link for information regarding why you must bring ORIGINAL birth certificate or UNEXPIRED VALID US passport.

If you are not a US citizen, please contact the activity director when you are slotted for the information you need to participate @ NFAP-NCR.

Cadets that have earned the Wright Brothers Award are encouraged to apply for the Col Mary Feik Flight Scholarship to help pay for this activity!

Cadets that have earned the Billy Mitchell Award are encouraged to apply for the Col Feik and other flight scholarships to help pay for this activity!

North Central Region hosts two powered flight academies and one glider flight academy each summer. Go to for more information.