The learning environment at Flight Academy is specially designed for cadets! The low instructor-to-student ratio provides opportunities for mentoring and individual attention.

Participants in powered flight academies receive up to 10 hours of “hands on” flight time learning the basics of flying a Cessna 172, with  25 hours of ground instruction, and the opportunity to fly as an observe, to shorten the learning curve  when other cadets receive instruction.


Requirements and Recommendations

  • We recommend you have a FAA Type 3 Medical Certificate completed prior to attending a powered flight academy.
  • ORIGINAL Birth Certificate / Unexpired Passport
  • US Citizenship
    • If you are not a US citizen, please contact the activity director when you are slotted for the information you need to participate @ NFAP-NCR.



North Central Region hosts two powered flight academies and one glider flight academy each summer. Go to for more information.

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