Please see the information below for the Winter NCR CLS hosted by South Dakota Wing.

The SD Wing is hosting a Region Cadet Leadership School at the end of December in Sioux Falls, SD. This is a Region activity. Cadets from all 7 Wings are invited to participate. The week will be filled with classroom instruction, guest speakers, group leadership problems, and fun filled activities. Come learn from the experienced leaders throughout our Region from CAP members and military personnel. A RCLS is required for any cadet to achieve Phase IV, the Eaker Award. Information about cost, location, minimum requirements, packing lists, and more can be found at the signup link here: The link will also be posted on the homepage.


A region cadet leadership school (RCLS) is a course in officership, indirect leadership, and other themes consistent with CAP’s leadership expectations for Phase III cadets. These academies make use of local resources to broaden leadership skills in cadet officers and NCOs

a. Curriculum. Minimum curricula standards are found at under the link for Adult Leaders.

b. Eligibility. To participate, cadets must have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or above.

c. Course Frequency. Each region must offer at least one RCLS per year or conduct a school in cooperation with a neighboring region. Wings may host RCLS, with approval from region headquarters.

d. Graduation Credit. To receive graduation credit, cadets must participate actively in 80% of the school, in the judgment of the activity director. Within 30 days of the school’s conclusion, the activity director will submit a roster of graduates to National Headquarters, with a copy to the region headquarters..

Upcoming RCLSs.